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Bidbury Infant School

School policies are constantly updated and new ones added so over time this list will change.  If there is a school policy that you would like to see but cannot find it on this list, please contact the school office and we will be happy to provide you with a copy.

Admission Policy 2023-4.pdf .pdf
Admission Policy 2024-5.pdf .pdf
Admission Policy 2025-6.pdf .pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy - October 2022.pdf .pdf
Attendance Policy - July 2024.pdf .pdf
Behaviour for Learning Policy - February 2024.pdf .pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy - June 2024.pdf .pdf
Child Protection Policy - September 2023.pdf .pdf
Complaints Policy - June 2024.pdf .pdf
Equalities Policy - November 2023.pdf .pdf
First Aid Policy - March 2024.pdf .pdf
Health and Safety Policy - April 2024.docx .docx
Pay Policy - September 2023.pdf .pdf
Performance Management Policy - October 2023.pdf .pdf
Procedure for Protected Disclosures - Whistleblowing - October 2023.pdf .pdf
Relationships and Health Education Policy - July 2024.pdf .pdf
Resolving Workplace Issues Policy - October 2023.pdf .pdf
Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy - September 2023.pdf .pdf
Safeguarding Policy - September 2023.pdf .pdf
Safer Recruitment Policy - October 2023.pdf .pdf
Staff Well Being and Stress Management Policy - October 2023.pdf .pdf
Uniform Policy - May 2024.pdf .pdf